Help Wanted: Take a quiz to help track implementation of the GDPR at the national level

Holiday Special, 17 December 2018 Issue

With 19 Member States having adopted their national implementation laws, it is high time to check how consistently the Regulation is being applied across the continent! Since there are multiple derogation clauses in the Regulation, EDRi needs your help to figure out how crucial elements of the GDPR have been translated into national law.

Our quiz series, beginning with this issue of GDPR Today, aims to shed light on the derogations that could make or break the territorial cohesion of our privacy bulwark. To start, we want to know:

1. Under your national law, what is the legal age for giving informed consent?
2. Does your national law allow for group actions against data protection infringements?
3. Does your national law allow for any exceptions for use of your personal data by political parties?

Please send the answers by January 15, with sources, to
If you are interested in supporting this project and want more details, we are happy to send you the full questionnaire and get your response!

Provided by: EDRi